Science Alliance Live!


Our mission is to excite children, teachers, and families about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through live, interactive, professional theatre.








What makes Science Alliance Live unique?

  • We focus on real science in action, following exciting topical research as it happens!  This is the “doing of science,” not just a presentation of science facts.
  • We nurture children’s love of science through exploration and by encouraging their stewardship of the natural world.
  • We present regular people as scientists – including women and underrepresented groups.  Thus, children see these people doing a job that they can do as well!
  • Learning is extended beyond the theatrical show, as we provide the rare opportunity to connect with researchers and their projects on-line.
  • Science Alliance Live presents a professional theatrical production, with masterfully-designed puppets, sets, costumes, and lighting, performed by accomplished actors.


 Tuk in the Arctic




In Tuk in the Arctic, children will meet a Canadian Inuit dog named Tuk and his pals: oceanographer Victoria Hill and polar engineer Smith Carter.  more »