Hampton Roads – new school with a science focus?

Group working to create public boarding school in Hampton Roads. see full article

A grassroots group working to launch a residential public high school in Hampton Roads is presenting the concept to business leaders Wednesday.

The group, called the Virginia Science, Technology, Engineering and Applied Mathematics (STEAM) Steering Committee, has been working on its plan since late 2010, said co-founder Judy Stewart.

The Virginia STEAM Academy is partly inspired by the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham, which opened in 1980. It enrolls high school students from across the state for an intensive math and science education.

The school’s chancellor, Todd Roberts, is the keynote speaker at Wednesday’s luncheon inNorfolk.

“I have invited Chancellor Roberts to share highlights of (his school’s) 32-year journey in order to gauge your interest in bringing a similar model to Virginia,” wrote TowneBank Chairman and CEO Robert Aston in an invitation to business leaders.

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